Virtual Museum Exhibits

Below you will find the assignment handouts for the Virtual Museum Exhibit as well as the finished products produced by the groiups from 8D, 8E, and 8F.

Handouts for Virtual Museum Assignment:

Virtual Museum Exhibits for 8D:

Ancient Chinese Religion by Morgan, Melanie, Denny and Garrett N

Ancient Chinese Agriculture and Technology by Simon, Jarred, Ty and Blaise

Ancient Chinese Culture by Kylie, Victoria, Sydne and Shelby L

Ancient Egyptian Culture and Economy by Shelby S, Jordan, Kristen and Riley

Ancient Egyptian Religion by Ashley, Megan, Ciara and Colton

Ancient Egyptian Government and Laws by Mark, Tyler, Garrett R and Brittany

Virtual Museum Exhibits for 8E:

Ancient Egyptian Language and Education by Matt, Nicole and Lauren

Ancient Egyptian Technology and Agriculture by Meghan W, Michaela, Mike

Ancient Egyptian by Chelsey, Jaqulyn and Jesse B.

Ancient Chinese Culture and Economy by Brittany, Ashley and Colby

Ancient Chinese Education and Language by Danielle, Daria, Meghan M and Randy

Ancient Chinese Agriculture and Technology by Jessica, Jesse C, and NIck

Ancient Chinese Religion by Kyle and John

Mesopotamian Language and Education by Brett, Eric and Courtney

Virtual Museum Exhibits for 8F:

Ancient Egyptian Religion by Gwen, Dwayne and Dylan

Ancient Egyptian Education and Language by Elise, Shania and Travis

Ancient Egyptian Technology by Cory, Kyle P, and Greg

Ancient Egyptian Government Law and Social Structure by Kris, Ryan, Kayla

Ancient Egyptian Culture and Economy by Glen, Connor and Anthony

Ancient Chinese Religion by Samantha, Macey and Natalie

Ancient Chinese Culture by Alex, Alex and Lynelle

Ancient Chinese Technology and Agriculture by Kyle L, Derrick and Dallas