Social Studies Course Outline

Unit 1: Understanding Societies Past and Present

· What is a World View?
· Origins of Human Societies
· Societies and Civilizations
· Knowing the Past
Here is some information on Timelines and Sources:

Unit 2: Early Societies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley

· Overview of Early Civilizations
· Interaction with the Natural Environment
· Living in an Early Society
· Communication and Art in an Early Society

Unit 3: Ancient Societies of Greece and Rome

· Overview of Antiquity
· Culture of Ancient Greece
· Democracy in Ancient Greece
· Roman Empire
· Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome

Unit 4: Transition to the Modern World (circa 500 to 1400)

· Overview of the Middle Ages
· Life in Medieval Europe (& the Vikings)
· The Rise of Islam and the Ottoman Empire
· China and the Mongol Empire
· Legacy of the Middle Ages

Unit 5: Shaping the Modern World (circa 1400 to 1850)

· World Overview
· Global Exploration
· Renaissance and Reformation
· Industrial Revolution

This last unit will be covered if time permits.