Science Course Outline

Unit 1: Safety

· Safety rules in classroom
· Safety rules during experiments and demo’s
Overal Skills and Attitudes

Unit 2: Cells & Systems

· Microscope Basics
· Cell Theory – parts of a cell, animal vs. plant cells, unicellular vs. multicellular
· Circulatory System: Watch the video on this site: How Your Heart Works
Here is a good diagram of the Human Heart
Here is a good diagram showing the Lungs and Heart
· Respiratory System
Watch this video:

· Digestive System (time permitting)
· The Body’s Defences and Diseases

Unit 3: Fluids

· Viscosity – thick or thin fluids, flow rate, temperature
· Density – particle theory, mass, & volume, buoyancy
· Pressure – pressure in fluids, hydraulics, pneumatics

Unit 4: Light and Optics

· Types of light sources
· Reflection and Refraction
· Lenses / Mirrors – concave and convex
· Colours – visible light spectrum, additive and subtractive theories of colour

Unit 5: Water Systems on Earth

· Flooding – North American Drainage System
· Tides, Wave Action and Ice Movement
· Global Water System
· Ocean Currents and their Effects on Climate
· Prevention of Riverbank and Coastal Erosion

This last unit will only be covered if time permits.