Online Projects

This year's technology based learning and online projects will include:

Using Technology in an Ethical and Appropriate Way

Participation in the Class Wiki

Students will use the class wiki to access class assignments, information, notes, due dates and other online necessities. The class wiki will also be a place where the students develop an online "Science text book" of explanations and links related to the concepts we cover in class. Students will also use this wiki to develop an interactive Timeline of History in Social Studies.

What's a Wiki? Watch this:

Participation in Blog Writing

Students will participate in writing an update Blog for my classes, where each day (or week, I haven't decided yet) a blog post will be written reviewing what we did in class that day. All students will get to write on the blog at least once throughout the year.

What's a Blog? Watch this:

Participation in the Creation of a Group Wiki Project

Students will create wiki pages in groups for the purposes of collaborating on a research project.

Production of a Voicethread Demonstration

Students will create at least one voicethread demonstration, and be required to comment on the voicethreads of their classmates.

What's Voicethread? Watch this:

Participation in Smart Board Lessons

I will use the smart board in class when ever I get a chance and can find applicable lessons.

Information and Communication Technolgy (ICT) Skills

All the skills needed to be successful in these projects will be learned throughout my courses.
I will teach the students the basics needed to do each of the projects, but I will encourage students to enhance their learning by exploring each of the types of technology in more depth as they use them.

ICT Supporting Skills
Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum Handbook

All projects listed above will be added to this wiki either directly (through embeded text) or through links to the projects if they are located elsewhere on the web.

Watch this video on Internet Search Strategies: