Assignments, Projects & Assessment

Technology Assignments

Homework for January 5th:
Please open this file and answer the questions directly in the document. Save the new document using the instructions at the top of the survey and then email it to Mrs. Robinson by 8 pm on Wednesday January 7, 2009.

Social Studies Assignments

RAFT Assignment

Social Structure Pyramids

Ancient Stories from the River Valley Civilizations
Mesopotamian Ancient Texts
Ancient Indian Texts Also Summary of the Bhagavad Gita
Ancient Egptian Texts
Ancient Chinese Texts

River Valley Word Searches

General Egypt Information

Link for question 2 is here
Link for the Rosetta stone is here
Link for question 6 is here
King Tut Mystery Webquest
Mesopotamia Webquest See also the Timeline for Mesopotamia
Ancient India Webquest:

Ancient China Webquest

Ancient Indus Valley Map Skills Assignment

Ancient China Map Skills Assignment

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Map Skills Assignment

Law, Government, Education, Technology, Agriculture, Economy Research Organizer

Culture Research Organizer

Develpomemts in Early Civilizations Timeline

Archaeology Assignment

Science Assignments

Circulatory Sytems, Respiratory System Handouts:

Assessment for Heart Poster: