A Vision for the Future:
Students' Ideas about 21st Century Education

What's your Vision?

Imagine if you had unlimited access to all types of technology both at school and at home.
Imagine unlimited access to the vast amount of knowledge online as well as the wonderful array of Web 2.0 tools.
Imagine if we didn't have to fight to get lab time for assignments.
Imagine Smartboards, projectors, computers for all.
Imagine if you could use your cell phones, iPods, Blackberries and other mobile devices as learning tools.
Imagine there were no filters blocking your access to quality information, even if it is controversial.
Imagine if all your teachers had the time and skills to integrate technology in an engaging and interesting manner.
Imagine if youcould present your skills, knowledge and learning digitally.
Imagine if you had access to experts and professionals through online forums, vodcasts and Skype sessions.
Imagine if your could learn through digital games and online simulations.
Imagine if you could create digital games and online simulations to show your learning.
Imagine if you could partake in collaborative learning with other students from around the world in real time.

Then what do you think a typical day at school would look like?

Below is an example of an "ideal classroom situation" when it comes to technology use.
The Networked Student

Your Task:

Create "something" either individually or in groups that presents your thoughts about the above utopia. Try using one (or two or all!) of the web tools listed below, or another that you find.





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