Beliefs About Teaching

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I believe in Respect:

I think Respect is a two way street therefore I always do my best to treat all my students with respect. This means that I ask politely, using Please and Thank You.I will respect student’s assignments by not misplacing them and trying to return them as soon as possible.When an issue with behaviour arises in class, I will usually ask the student to step into the hall for a moment. I will try to speak with the student at the earliest possible time to discuss the issue that arose in class. When a suitable solution has been achieved, the student will be welcomed back into the classroom.

I expect my students to treat me and my classroom with the same respect I show to them.This means that I expect students to speak kindly to me and to one another.Rude language and behaviour will be pointed out. I expect that students will not damage classroom items and will clean up after themselves.If an issue of behaviour arises I expect that a student will work with me to solve the issue.

I believe in Fairness:

I think that I should treat everyone in a fair manner. That means that I will listen to my students, that I will consider their thoughts and feelings with an open mind and that I will do my best to treat them reasonably.However, it is important to understand that fair doesn’t always mean equal.

I expect my students will also treat each other and me with fairness. This means that I expect my students will listen to my reasons for doing things and that they will listen to each other and have an open mind.I also expect that they will consider others’ feelings and that they will do their best to treat others fairly.

I believe in Trust:

I think that trust is something that is earned therefore I will do my best to follow through on my promises and not make promises I cannot keep.However, I will trust my students until they give me a reason to mistrust them, because I believe that students only act responsibly when they are given responsibility.

I expect that my students will act responsibly and with integrity and that they will be honest with me.There is no reason to be dishonest, as I believe in mistakes too!

I trust that my students will do their part to learn and participate in class, and I expect that my students will trust me to teach them all the skills they need to complete the tasks I assign.This means I will not ask my students to do something they are not prepared for. It also means that students will always know exactly what will be on the tests, there will be no pop quizzes or trick questions on any of my tests. I do like to include bonus questions that have to do with something we discussed in class to see if my students were listening though!

I believe in Mistakes:

I think that mistakes are the way we learn, whether it is mistakes in schoolwork or mistakes in behaviour and actions.I make mistakes, and expect that my students will make mistakes too. No one is perfect.I believe what matters is how we deal with the mistakes we make and how we learn from them.It is also very important to be able to admit when you have made a mistake and take steps to fix the mistake.

I expect that when a student makes a mistake, that they will freely admit it so that we can work together to fix the problem.Sometimes, if a mistake in behavior is made, I will require the student to determine a way to make the situation right again. This may call for them to write something or do something. I expect that students will understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn.

I believe in 2nd Chances

I think everyone deserves a second chance.For this reason I do not hold a grudge. Once a situation has been dealt with, I move on and I expect that my students will too.If an issue of behaviour has arisen and I have to speak to a student in the hall, once that student is welcomed back into the classroom, the issue is forgotten and a clean slate is given to the student.If the same issue with behaviour occurs repeatedly I will assume that the student has not learned from their mistakes and may have to take further actions. But these actions will always be discussed with the student and I expect that we will work it out together.

I believe in Humour

I am a bit goofy and strange and I have a weird sense of humour. I often joke around with my students, at appropriate times. It will take some of my students a little while to “get” my sense of humour, but I expect you will all come to appreciate it!

I expect that my students will have fun while learning in my classroom and that they will leave my class at the end of the year knowing that school and learning can be enjoyable. However, there is a time and a place for humour and a line that should not be crossed. For example, a test is no time to crack a joke and no one will ever make inappropriate jokes in my classroom (see Respect above!)

Kinds of class assignments?

I believe that learning is something that can be done both individually and in a group and I try as hard as I can to mix up the types of assignments as much as possible. There will be some notes and/or handouts and worksheets, individual assignments, small group work, large group work, both research and creative projects, discussions, demos, and a lot of technology and online related assignments. I hope to go "as paperless as possible" this year with assignments being done through blogs and email rather than on paper!

This year I will use the wiki as much as possible and I will post any class notes or links on this wiki or on the class blog at . I also hope to post all assignments and their assessments to the wiki or blog so that you can access them whenever and wherever and you don’t have to worry about losing the assignment. This wiki will also be a place where you will post the products of your online assignments: a place for you to show off what you have done :)