Mrs. Robinson’s Course Policies

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Class Objectives

Welcome to another exciting year! We will be doing a variety of interesting activities, assignments and projects in Portfolio class this year. All of the assignments and activities that you do will help you to prepare an online portfolio that showcases:
  • who you are
  • what your strengths are
  • what areas you may need to work on
  • your goals
  • your growth as a student and person.

Throughout the year you will:
  • reflect on your own personality traits, intelligences, learning styles and strengths and weaknesses
  • gain experience with technology, Web 2.0 tools and managing your online presence
  • demonstrate your understanding of essential 21st century skills
  • think about your future goals and
  • gain experience with resume writing, cover letter writing, job searches, interviews and other online tools that can help you find employment

Course Outline


  1. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work, participate and learn.
  2. Students need to come to class with all the required supplies and materials. (pen or pencil, paper or binder, USB drive any "homework" that may have been assigned, other items requested from time to time)
  3. Students will not be going to their lockers during class to get materials that were supposed to be brought to class.
  4. Students are expected to act in a respectful manner towards other people and property

Extra Help

Students can receive extra help at lunch times or before school. Students are asked to make an appointment that is convenient for both the teacher and the student.

Tests & Quizzes

There will be no tests!

Assignments / Projects

Learning will be demonstrated through blogging and other individual and group assignments, usually done online.

Mrs. Robinson (and the class in some cases) will established due dates for projects and assignments, and it is expected that these deadlines will be met since we only see each other once per cycle. We only have 30 classes together!!

If it is not possible to meet a due date, it is the responsibility of each student to communicate this and make alternate arrangements with Mrs. Robinson.

Students are encouraged to speak directly with Mrs. Robinson as soon as they see a conflict or problem with a due date.
The sooner the problem is dealt with the better.

Students who are absent from class are responsible for asking the teacher or peers about missed work or assignments. Check this wiki or the class blog at if you miss a class.

Homework / Participation

The purpose of homework and in class assignments is to develop new skills, learn a new concept or review material presented during the class period. This is why it is important to complete these assignments and/or activities.

Participation in class is important for all individual and group projects. Participation involves a
variety of areas in the classroom, such as getting involved in whole class or small group discussions and working with groups or partners. Participation involves completing assigned work, active listening, speaking in turn, respecting other’s views, asking for help when you need it, communicating with Mrs. Robinson and your peers and taking all ideas into consideration.